Financial literacy is key to financial health

Financial literacy is just like language literacy; we all have it to some level.  If you can speak and read and express... more

3 steps to curb the urge to spend

While malls are kind of dead these days, the urge to spend money on stuff is still very much alive. When you see something you want...more

Can you and your working spouse live on one income?

If you and your working spouse are looking to pay off debt, save money, or both, you might consider...more

4 ways you should never use your credit card

We all know that credit cards can be a valuable weapon in your spending arsenal. They can help you build good credit...more

Savings are best when they’re earning

Most people believe they should be saving money, but may not know how to make that money earn more...

Advice to keep you safe

Unfortunately, fraud is a serious issue in today’s world. The Internet has provided amazing opportunities but it has also increase more...

Plan to enjoy this holiday season

Most people these days maintain their schedule on a digital calendar that they share between their computer, their mobile phone and perhaps a tablet.  The key to making the holidays manageable more...

The dangers of electronic cash

We are moving rapidly towards a cashless society where all transactions will be conducted electronically.  At least that has been the prediction for over two decades, more...

You get the credit you deserve

The average Canadian has $3,954 in credit card debt, which is not a problem if you are paying it off on a timely basis. Unfortunately more...

One Jar, Two Jars, Three Jars Full

From past articles we discuss saving money as well as starting early, as early as 6 or 7 years of age.  But how do you make this really mean something that will stay long term?  More...

It’s never too early to talk money

A University of Cambridge study found that money habits in children are formed by the time they are seven years old...more

Teaching Your Children to Manage Money

Many parents understand that raising children means preparing their lunches for school, helping them with their homework and driving them to soccer practice. However, more...

I Don’t Want to Pay Taxes!

If this is you, you are not alone. However, taxes are one of only two things which are certain...more

Pay Yourself First

You work hard for your money but there never...more

Preventing a holiday hangover

Ahh Christmas… that magical time of year when the average North American family racks up...more

Spring Cleaning For Your Finances

It’s the time of year when we clean out the gardens, the garage and the gutters but it’s also a good time to take a look at your finances...more

5 reasons your family should bank with a credit union

We understand what it’s like for busy moms who are managing a household and juggling many different priorities...more

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